Powi Wants Reports Done Right

SOUTHERN Highlands Governor William Powi wants proper reports and prudent management in the different sectors in the province because there has been a failure in performance reporting over the years. 

‘Every division in the province receives their sector grants and the people of Southern Highlands and I want to know where you have put these monies to translate to service delivery,” he said. 


Powi said when projects such as roads were funded, it was the provincial administrator and the works and engineering section’s job to visit the project site to see if  the work met the standard and followed all national and provincial protocols. 

”We cannot just sit and expect work to continue as this has resulted in many incomplete works,” he said. 


“If a new school has been funded, it h the work of the provincial and district administrators, education adviser and officials to visit the school, get the people’s views and see how the contractor is doing the job.” 

Powi said reports compiled for projects delivered in the province were poor. 


He said because of the lack of project and consistent reporting, all section would be audited. 

He said accountability and transparency were key to ensuring the province was managed well and people received the services and development they needed. 


Powi also advised the people to allow their leaders to do their jobs of helping develop their districts and not divert their attention and funds to issues like funeral services, moka ceremonies a compensation. He also urged the people to respect their leaders and to work with them.


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