Powi Plans Economic Recovery

Potato Seeds

The Southern Highlands Provincial Government will distribute 200 bags of potato seedlings to the people after the nationwide lock-down as an economic recovery and wealth creation initiative. Mr Powi said the concept of potato farming was mooted prior to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat and in response to the Marape-Steven Government’s policy of taking back PNG.

He said the local economy was starting to be affected as a result of the lock-down. Mr Powi said as part of the economic recovery and wealth creation initiative of his government, he would continue with the potato farming program after the lock-down is lifted.

He made the comments during an awareness on the effects of the Coronavirus on the local economy. “The lock-down is an opportunity to stay home and concentrate on farming”, he said.“I believe the lock-downs throughout the globe will affect the oil and gas prices on the world market and we will be affected by those changes as our budget is framed around those benefits.”

He said 20 bags of potatoes will be given to each district to distribute to the people&after the lockdown is lifted. Mr Powi said the provincial government has appropriated K5.6 million to purchase trucks for the local level governments.This is to transport potatoes to the factory in Pangia to produce the chips. He said the provincial government was working With the provincial Covid-19 committee.

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