K400 Million for 2020 – SHPG Budget

The Southern Highlands Provincial Assembly passed a whopping K400 million Provincial Budget in Mendi, which consists of K218 million of National Government grants and Provincial Government Internal Revenue of K192 million.
Chairman of the Provincial Executive Council and Governor, William Powi, when tabling the budget said the 2020 budget is framed around six major sectors.

  • Social Sector – Education
  • Law and Justice Sector – Police Empowerment,
  • Services Sector – Electrification program,
  • Economic Sector – Potato farming project,
  • Social Sector – Health Sector
  • Governance and leadership – Political Stability

Powi said under the education sector, K20.4 million will be allocated to subsidize students in the elementary to secondary schools, supporting TVET training for dropouts for technical training.
For the Economic and Agriculture Sector, potato project was allocated K10 million. This is an impact project for the 5 districts in the Province through the DDA’s where the potato growers will supply to the Chips factory in Pangia (SHP).

The SHP-PNG games was allocated K20 to be held in November 2020.
In the health sector (Social Sector) medivac services will be introduced to coincide with the National Governments approved construction of the K300 million Mendi Referral Hospital.
In the Infrastructure rehabilitation theme, the sealing of the Mendi Tari Highway will continue.
Governor Powi says the benefit split for the PNGLNG equity will be a key funding to boost the internal revenue.