Businesses in Mendi hit hard

The country is undergoing a 14-day lock-down period and state of emergency (SOE) imposed by the government is a precautionary measure and response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The world over, economies are crumbling and businesses are affected. Financial institutions, government and non-government organisations and the small and medium enterprises are also feeling the pinch of this health crisis here in PNG.

Subsequently, many local businesses in the outer centres have been badly affected with the government imposing a lock-down.
According to Pisgah Trading, a supermarket based in Mendi, Southern Highlands, owner and director David Kelei said most businesses in town have been badly affected and are making less returns. David Kelei told the Post-Courier via phone interview from Mendi that some of the supermarkets or stores in Mendi town have shut their doors due to fewer or poor customer turnout. 
“We have not able to continue operations and closing early after 12 mid-day is really affecting us the business community in Mendi to survive,” he said.
He further said he is optimistic that businesses will get back to normal and it will be business as usual soon

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